Playlist: The Golden West

As Thanksgiving approaches, I start preparing for one of my favorite traditions: the year-end list. I love reading these lists because I inevitably learn about some book, movie, or music that I’d totally missed. It’s like a Christmas gift.

In return, I like to give back (or I like to see my opinions in print or, more likely, both). The only year-end list that I’m halfway competent to put together is about music. My list is not about importance or cultural significance; it’s a record of the albums that have kept me company throughout the year. This means that, in the last few years, my list has been a relatively quiet affair. That’s probably not going to change this year.

During the year I compile playlists of songs I’m enjoying at the time. Sometimes the playlists are little more than an odd assortment, but sometimes they cohere a little more. I think The Golden West was this year’s playlist that aspired to something greater. It comes closest blending the sounds of my folky and indie electronica tastes. I share The Golden West to prime you for my year-end list in early December. I hope you enjoy!