I'm the Assistant Director of the Revelle Humanities Program at UC San Diego. I manage and lecture for the five-course sequence. The Humanities Program is a general education requirement that develops students' analytical writing through an engagement with the history and thought of Western civilization from Ancient Greece to the present. My experience in the Humanities has led me to explore diverse interests in literature, philosophy, and pedagogy. Check out the projects page to see some recent work in progress and the blog for the smaller things that I enjoy writing about.

I received a PhD in Political Science from UC San Diego in 2010. My interest in the field of global justice has led to a book manuscript (seemingly in perpetual revision). The study focuses on the conceptual and practical difficulties of assessing the representative status of nongovernmental organizations. It looks at the intellectual development of our conception of political representation and how it can be rethought to recognize a diverse set of claims to represent.

*Photo credit: Bernard Jaubert, "Human Representation"